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The Jimmy Burrill Memorial Baseball Scholarship


The Westbrook Baseball Foundation's annual award, the Jimmy Burrill Memorial Baseball Scholarship is presented to senior student-athlete, is a prestigious recognition that celebrates individuals who have displayed exceptional dedication and contributions to the Westbrook baseball program. This honor goes beyond the baseball field, as it also acknowledges their commitment to academic excellence, involvement in school and community activities, and a deep passion for baseball.

The award embodies the following critical criteria:


- Outstanding Contribution to the Westbrook Baseball Program: Recipients of this award have actively participated in the Westbrook baseball program and have made a significant impact. This includes performance on the field, leadership roles within the team, and a commitment to the program's success.


- Excellence in the Classroom:

These senior student-athletes demonstrate a strong commitment to their academics, maintaining high standards of achievement in their studies. Their ability to balance the demands of baseball with their academic responsibilities is commendable.


- Contributions to the School and Community:

Beyond baseball and academics, the awardee is recognized for their involvement in the school and broader community. They might engage in volunteer work, leadership roles in school clubs or organizations, or other activities that contribute positively to their surroundings.


- Passionate Commitment to the Game of Baseball:

Passion for baseball is at the heart of this award. The recipients are skilled players and exhibit a genuine love for the sport. Their enthusiasm and dedication inspire others within the program.

The Westbrook Baseball Foundation's annual award is a testament to the development of student-athletes who embody excellence on and off the baseball diamond. It recognizes individuals who are not only athletes but also exemplary students and community members, all while showcasing a deep and unwavering passion for the game of baseball.

The Scholarship Recipients

The award on is the memory of Carl “Jimmy“ Burrill, who brought intensity, passion, and enthusiasm to the game. He dearly loved and deeply respected. He was a 1957 in Westbrook high school graduate who coached the Sebago MOC Babe Ruth team to the Stephen W Manchester Post, American legion baseball team for 25 years, and was a 92 inducted into the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992.

This plaque is proudly displayed at the Westbrook High School.

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