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Mission & History

The Westbrook Baseball Foundation was organized in 2009 to provide a scholarship to a graduating Westbrook High School senior that has participated in the Westbrook Baseball Program and who strives to accomplish the cornerstones of foundation, sportsmanship, academics and community service. 

The Westbrook Baseball Foundation is proud to support the Westbrook baseball program by providing game day rosters, the official scorekeeper, the announcer and scoreboard operator for home varsity baseball games.  These tasks are filled by Westbrook Baseball Foundation members.

Jimmy Burrill shows fellow 1957 Westbrook High School senior pitchers Robbie Wormell and Pete Beal how to throw a curve ball. Coach Roger ‘Mickey’ Dolan adds a few tips.

Board Members


John Anthony


Sally-Alane Fox


Dan McCarthy

Co-VP Fundraising

Don Douglas


Cathy Anthony


Melissa Remington

Co-VP Fundraising

Laura Cook

Vice President

Bob Haskell

VP Awards and Recognition

Joe Quinlan

VP Communications


Ellen Burrill

Don Meserve

Jim Burrill

Michael Nash

Krista Lewellyn

John McCarthy

Past Members

Randy MacWinnie

Michael Cook

Eric Johnson

Mike Heath

Lori MacWinnie

Andrew Cook

Rick Knight

Steve Marchard

Dwight Keirstead

Nancy Heath

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