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The 2024 Westbrook High School Baseball Team Seniors


The 2024 Westbrook High School Baseball Team Seniors with Westbrook Baseball Foundation board members Bob Haskell and John Anthony.


For the Love of the Game

The Memorial Stone with the flag donated by the Luther Small family in the background.

Melissa Remington is the photographer.

Congratulations to Ben Eugley

2023 Jimmy Burrill Memorial Baseball Scholarship Recipient

The Westbrook Baseball Foundation celebrates Ben Eugley's exceptional contributions to baseball, academic excellence, and community service. His dedication in all arenas is commendable. Congratulations, Ben!


Members of the Burrill family congratulate Ben.  L-R: Krista Lewellyn, Ben Eugley, Ellen Burrill

Latest News

About the Foundation

The Westbrook Baseball Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich baseball history of Westbrook, Maine. Our mission is to use the game of baseball to provide educational, social, and physical opportunities to the community's youth. Through baseball, we can help the young people of Westbrook learn essential life lessons, build character, and develop a sense of sportsmanship and community. 

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Jim Burrill Scholarship

The Jimmy Burrill Memorial Baseball Scholarship recognizes a Westbrook senior player who has positively contributed to the baseball program while demonstrating excellence in the classroom and community involvement.

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Sally-Alane Fox Award

The Sally-Alane Fox award is given in appreciation of the commitment of personal time and energy to the overall success of the Westbrook Baseball Program.

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Memorial Monument

A memorial monument honoring Westbrook baseball legends stand guard over the high school diamond. The monument commemorates those who contributed to the baseball program and inspired service to the community.

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